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My apologies to any of my old readers who happen to drop by.  I know for sure I have accidentally deleted some of your legitimate comments.  Until I get the spam filter thing under control, I’m deleting comments in bulk and there is some collateral damage. I have also enabled the part where you have […]

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Anonymous Search Engine

If you aren’t worried that Google, Microsoft, and/or the government are or might be paying attention to your search engine queries you probably don’t need to read any further.  You probably also like that when you use Google or Bing or some web sites they throw up advertising based on your previous web searches and […]

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This Is a Test

Since I’m back in school again, I decided to upgrade my computer equipment. And, while I was at it I splurged a bit. Now, some people might think the 2 widescreen monitors were a splurge, but I consider that essential computing equipment. I got used to using two monitors at my old job, and it […]

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Onward (again)

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “Onward” in which I discussed paying the hosting and domain registration bill for Ratlands.  When I sat down to write today I was intent on doing the same thing and actually had “Onward” as the post title.  Strange how my head is in pretty much the […]

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Oh, by the way

Just in case anyone from the IT department at my work has figured out who I am and is checking Ratlands for incorrect thoughts or other improprieties, I can save you the trouble of searching the logs on my office computer.  All these midday posts are written and scheduled for automatic publication in advance. I’ve […]

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I’ve been working on personnel evaluations tonight, listening to some internet radio on the side (another reason, along with chain smoking and drinking heavily, that I prefer to do evaluations at home). I usually have WinAmp set to run visualizations.  I don’t normally watch them, but in between tasks, especially when you’ve been staring at […]

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I never should have sat back down at the computer.

Regulars here in the Ratlands know that I don’t sleep much.  It isn’t that I’m not tired or that I don’t need sleep, it’s just that I don’t.  Rather than lay awake at night and watch TV, or look at the ceiling, or (worst of all) watch the numbers change on the digital clock, if […]

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Anniversary is 4 years old today.  I only know that because I had to pay the hosting and domain registration bill today.  I seriously considered abandoning Ratlands; I haven’t been writing much lately and haven’t cranked out an essay in months.  But, at roughly $10 a month, Ratlands is one of my less expensive vices, […]

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What passes for an update

Sometimes I’m just too tired to write.  It seems like I’ve been at that point for weeks.  So, you get 3 unrelated bits tonight. WordPress does a pretty good job of intercepting the comment spam that people try to dump on websites.  But, I still have to get in and delete it en masse.  For […]

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The greatest invention since the invention of the invention that was the greatest invention since the invention of inventions (except that it was invented before the invention that was the greatest invention since the invention of inventions)¡

One  of the nice things about the internet is that when you make a statement or take a position that is objectively wrong, any number of helpful individuals will step up, do the right thing, and point out your wrongness.  In the comments to my previous post, such an individual took time out of their […]

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