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Sunday dog blogging

THE ADVENTURES OF SPACE DOG!                   Ok, here’s a better one.

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I’m discovering a lot of little things now that I’m not preoccupied with work. For example:  Walking a short dog isn’t a very effective aerobic workout.

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Sometimes deciding where to go is the hardest part

It snowed in the Ratlands yesterday.  Snow is quite the dilemma for a short dog.

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This is your hound…

                            This is your hound on Possum…                           I’ve always liked Bluetick Coonhounds.  If I lived in the country, I’d want to have one, but we don’t.  We live in […]

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Time to clear the browser tabs

Here’s the stuff I’ve been accumulating for the last week, intending to write long, pithy essays about each: You may have heard that the poverty rate has increased lately (obviously, those of us who are employed need pay more taxes so the Government can do something about it, right?)  Actual poverty rate numbers from Carpe […]

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Saturday Night Snark

Some links for you. Vuvuzela fail. This really isn’t a rhetorical question. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes a few words added are priceless.

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I need taller trash cans or a shorter dog

And since Kali is a miniature Dachshund… I understand how she can knock over the small trash cans around the house, but the kitchen trash can is much taller.  Of course, it has the best stuff in it.  Personally, I suspect collusion with the cats, but whatever the truth is, it doesn’t really matter, because […]

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Trying to catch Santa in the act

Why else would I still be up at 3 AM on Christmas Morning?  Other than I had to go outside with the dog.  (Something about that -11° wind chill dampens her enthusiasm for the “doing her business” process.  Then there’s the “how do I squat to pee when the snow is already higher than my […]

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Winding Down

We’re winding down a bit here in the Ratlands.  We spent yesterday at my parents’ house in the company of my sister, brother-in-law and my nephew.  My sister and her family live in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Apparently the good folks of Lincoln (or perhaps all of Nebraska) don’t cotton much to fireworks.  Consequently the Nephew, who […]

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Attack Dachshund Training Update

The Attack Dachshund training is apparently over.  The dog has chewed off the doll’s feet, hands, and part of its face and the doll has been essentially drawn and quartered.  The Head Rat threw it away. Now we can move on to life-size human dummies and the advanced “Nixon” training from the movie “Where the […]

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