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The Multiplier Effect

If you have never heard of the economic concept “multiplier effect,” your education is severely lacking. If you don’t really understand the concept, you can, at least to some degree, be forgiven because most of us don’t, especially the economists and politicians who are so fond of it. If you would like to understand it, […]

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Doesn’t everybody keep $800 cash in a $200 wallet in a $400 purse along with their foodstamps?

‘Nuff said.

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The first step

Is admitting you have a problem.  

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Plan B (from Outer Space)

I’ve been working as a House Arrest ankle bracelet installer for over 3 months now.  Apart from the fact that almost every one of the individuals I hook up has been convicted of 1 or more DUI’s, I actually enjoy it.  It’s not enough money to live on indefinitely, but it keeps the electricity on […]

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Better than I could have said

I”ve been plugging The DiploMad lately.  Here’s another reason why: There are many reasons why Obama must be defeated. The principal one is his delusional liberal ideology from which all else flows. He is a creature of the faculty lounge/Hollywood brand of intolerant leftist cynicism about, contempt for, and ignorance of America and how the […]

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The cost of Sandy

will be about half of what Obama blew on Green Energy in 2009.  And the taxpayers won’t pay for all of the Sandy damage, unlike the 34 failed or failing Green Energy companies.

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All you need to know about employment in America

is in this Graph.

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Link Dump

Maggie’s Notebook has a list of foreign countries receiving billions in Stimulus funds.  (via Doug Ross) As long as we’re talking about Billions, Bruce McQuain at Q and O talks about the $5 billion the IRS sent to identity thieves last year. Tell me Child Protective Services won’t be all over this guy. The Czar […]

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from Larry Correia: As soon as they announced Ryan, the media had a come apart. I heard the words “extreme” and “radical” so many times that I thought I was watching a Mountain Dew commercial. I kept waiting for Ryan to come flying onto the screen doing flips on a skateboard while being chased by […]

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Saturday Night clean up

Actually working for a living again has done a number on me.  Part of it is that my new boss and I have been out and about setting up equipment and retrieving equipment.  I’ve spent more time outdoors during the heat of the day in the last 72 hours than I have the entire rest […]

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