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In which cziltang gets backed into a corner

I’ve been busy lately trying to keep up with school, work, family stuff and other assorted issues.  Being, as the phrase goes, “unencumbered by the confines of regular employment” has its advantages.  I usually only work on weekends, I’ve gotten enough installation jobs in the last month to pay the rent and some of the […]

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Didn’t I just say that? v2

On Tuesday, in reference to the President’s “you didn’t build that” speech, I said: Actually, I suspect he really does believe this, given that there is no available evidence to suggest that he ever accomplished anything on his own and considerable circumstantial evidence to suggest that his rise to power was the product of an […]

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Congratulations, you’re getting a medal

By now, you’re probably aware that our President recently stated that no one in America succeeds on their own, without help from the Government.  (If, by some chance you aren’t, read this, or this.) Actually, I suspect he really does believe this, given that there is no available evidence to suggest that he ever accomplished […]

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For Rat Jr.

Rat Jr. has been taking a lot of heat on that Face Page thingy from her “friends” about her opposition to Obamacare.  Bruce McQuain has a great post today entitled Health Care is still not a “right,” in which he explains the difference between an inherent right and a government granted priviledge.  So, I thought […]

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On income inequality

Unlike all the good progressives out there, I don’t give a rat’s ass about income inequality.  So the gap between our richest and poorest citizens is getting wider.  Your point?  I’ve come to believe that the fuss over income inequality is stirred up by childish envy and politicians.  There’s always Johnny Entitled out there who […]

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A quote for Rat Jr.

Rat Jr. has been involved in some online discussions about the Occupy Wall Street folks.  She has found the OWS supporters to be less than open to alternative opinions.  One of her acquaintances actually told her not to post anything on her facebook wall if Jr. didn’t agree with her. I have a fair amount […]

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In case you hadn’t figured it out by now

There’s a global warming climate conference going on this week in Mexico.  In case you thought it actually had something to do with climate, this, from one of the IPCC bigwigs might be of some interest to you: Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC […]

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Saturday storytime

I have a rule about Ratlands.  I don’t give out the name of the site to my co-workers.  It isn’t that there’s anything here that embarrasses me; I’m well aware that nothing on the internet is private and nothing on the internet ever goes away and I operate accordingly.  Although I have an ego as […]

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The politics of envy

Here’s an example of why Thomas Sowell is a fine economist and a brilliant man and why I’m me and run a 4th rate blog: Just as everyone seemed to be a military expert a couple of years ago, when it was chic to say that the “surge” in Iraq would not work, so today […]

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Father, forgive me…

So, when did Envy go from being one of the 7 deadly sins to being a prerequisite for participation in political life? (Truth in advertising disclaimer:  I am not Catholic.  The 7 deadly sins weren’t something that got drilled into my head when I was a kid, so any theological discussions about the subject on […]

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