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What is best in Life?

Probably this:

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Tasteless and not even original

IF you follow trending topics, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Lena Dunham video comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity (and of course, that you should do it with Obama).  Reaction around the net has been, shall we say, less than positive (except in, of course, leftist circles where it […]

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Status Change

I’ve been meaning to get back into regular posting here at Ratlands.  It’s one of those things I enjoy, and hopefully, occasionally am good enough at to provide some food for thought or a mild chuckle.  I’ve just been sort of tired and brain-dead of late; enough so that I haven’t really had the energy […]

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A: It’s not because of Egypt and Libya

Q: Why are gas prices currently on the rise? I haven’t watched the news in quite some time, but I’m picking up snippets around the web that certain folks are trying to blame the currently rising gas prices on instability in the Middle East. The Gormogons have a very nice post explaining why this is […]

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An updated version of the ubiquitous “coexist” bumper sticker, along with a commentary on the common version.  Worth a look. (I’m especially partial to the use of the Mossberg logo for the “T”.)

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Wait a minute. This seems sort of familiar.

Our Dear Leader is going to fix the economy by rolling out a long-term jobs program Monday that would exceed $50 billion to rebuild roads, railways and runways Is it just me, or didn’t we already try the ” 1) Let’s spend some money we don’t have, 2) pretend it will create jobs because we […]

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In which Cziltang takes credit for the election result in Massachusetts

Massachusetts.  Yes, I can spell it correctly.  Without using the spell-check on my word processor. Having not been terribly politically active in the past 30 years (the last time I contributed to a political campaign was for John Anderson in 1980), it has been extremely gratifying to know that my support is the reason Massachusetts […]

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My thousand words for the day

At The Anarchangel

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Random synapses

Have you ever noticed that the opposite of “leftist” isn’t “rightist”? My favorite left/right label dichotomy is “Moonbat/Wingnut”, but I’m just not sure if there is a direct opposite to “leftist”.  It isn’t “conservative,” as that’s part of the “liberal/conservative” dichotomy.  Depending on what parts of the internet you frequent, you could be forgiven is […]

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Saturday Night link dump

The Head Rat printed a couple of my recent posts and took them to her sister’s a few days ago.  Apparently none of my in-laws (except my neice) were aware that I have this regrettable blogging affliction.  My sister-in-law was genuinely surprised that I follow politics.  I was surprised that she was surprised.  Then I […]

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