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Party Time

Well, boys and girls, it’s party time.  Time to celebrate Comrade Lenin’s birthday. I’ve never actually found anyone who could confirm that Earth Day was deliberately  set up on Lenin’s birthday, but then, you really wouldn’t want the sheeple who recycle stuff that is not economically viable to recycle ( and therefore has to be […]

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The cost of Sandy

will be about half of what Obama blew on Green Energy in 2009.  And the taxpayers won’t pay for all of the Sandy damage, unlike the 34 failed or failing Green Energy companies.

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Follow the money

I meant to post this a while back but got busy with interviews and other things. So why did Obama kill the Keystone pipeline project that everyone (including the notoriously anti-oil EPA) had approved?  Silicon Graybeard suggests that instead of a principled environmental stand (although it certainly made the Greens happy, it’s not likely that […]

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We have how many now?

If you weren’t already convinced that the Federal Government’s primary, overriding purposes are to propagate and perpetuate itself, reward the faithful with jobs created in an ever-increasing web of bureaucratic entanglement, and call attention to its attempts to address relatively mundane issues with great fanfare, while ignoring issues of more fundamental importance, maybe this will […]

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Thinking outside the box. Or the shrink-wrap. Or whatever it is this stuff is packaged in.

I don’t know quite what to say about this guy.  He either has too much time on his hands, too much disposable income in his pocket, or he really, really, really doesn’t like Ikea.

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Americana, pt. 7

I think it’s part 7;  I’ve actually lost track.  Anyway, tonight’s bit of Americana is a picture of part of my maternal grandmother’s family, circa 1920.  (And before someone gets cute in the comments, my ancestors are the two-legged critters.)  Notice the low carbon footprint lifestyle.

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Cleaning out the browser tabs again

The organization I work for is on a major “sustainability” kick.  Generally speaking I don’t have a problem with most of the things they want us to do.  Saving paper, turning off computer monitors at night, and a number of the other “suggestions” they make fall generally into the category of not wasting resources.  If […]

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Lord Monckton on Climategate

If you’ve got half an hour, it would be worth your time to watch this video.  I find it rather refreshing to hear Lord Monckton labelling the principals of the AGW fraud   the criminals that they are.  And then back up the charges.  I was also tickled by his statement that these individuals “call themselves […]

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Links and

Strange times at the moment, at least here in the Ratlands.  By that, of course, I mean weirder than usual.  However, as Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”  I am a consummate professional. I have a new boss at work.  It should be interesting.  But, in 29 years […]

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Of houses and beer

First the houses.  Waxman/Markey (the Cap and Trade bill) contains 397 new regulations and 1100 new Federal Mandates. One (just one, mind you) makes selling almost all private homes a Federally Regulated Transaction.  FRT’s require that you would have to have your house inspected for “greenness” and if it didn’t pass you would have to […]

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