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Back in the saddle. Again.

I actually got the office put back together last night, but then went to work for several hours.  I’m finally finished wading through the backed-up RSS feeds.  There won’t be any breathtakingly insightful essays (or any of the kind I usually write, either), but I will pass these links along: Ahhnuld on the California budget. […]

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Uncool stuff

New CAFE regulations:  A very good post on why “regulating to the mean” punishes folks who aren’t near the mean.  Yes, I know that sounds dry, but the post is about why the new mileage regulations are counterproductive and punish those of us who don’t drive that much under normal circumstances. My situation mirrors that […]

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Quote of the Day

There is a nice post over at Q and O today about the Obama camp backpedaling on environmental regulations. In particular, there was a lot of fuss when the EPA classified polar bears as endangered due to their “disappearing habitat”.  (Politically correct, but demonstrably false, since their numbers are actually increasing.)  Environmentalists went all weak […]

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It really is too cool, when you think about it

In an article about the dubious claims made for the solar array on the roof of the Denver Museum of Science and Nature, Kate at SDA says: Update – after reading some of the comments, I realized I may have given the impression that I’m against solar energy. Well, I’m not. For example, I love […]

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