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My Idea for a new Winter Sport

This is a team competition combining Snowboard Cross with Biathlon. 2 snowboarders and one shooter per team.  The shooter uses a paintball gun and gets one round only.  The shooter can set up anywhere on the course and can shoot either a snowboarder or another shooter.  If you’re hit, you’re out (shooter or boarder).  3 […]

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Leave your concealed carry weapon locked in your vehicle for a couple of hours while you attend to business inside a county jail in 8° weather.  When you re-holster your weapon in your Inside the Waist Band concealed carry holster, you quickly learn the Beatles were right when they said “Happiness is a warm gun.”

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Feeling Threatened QOTD

From IMAO: I don’t get the Starbucks thing; how can you be threatened by a guy drinking a pumpkin spice latte even if he is openly carrying a gun?

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This just about sums it up, I’d say.

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Old Coot Accessories

I mentioned recently that I had an almost irresistible urge to yell at some kids to get off my lawn. This is better.

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More Food for Thought

While I’m busy working I thought I’d pass along this little tidbit regarding murder in America.

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An added bonus

I picked up a new firearm today.  Details aren’t necessarily important.  I’ve been saving a bit here and there for almost 2 years to be able to do this, and I finally got it.  I know this is kind of perverse, but when I got it home, I noticed there is a sticker on the […]

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Really? A victim of gun violence?

I pretty much have no use whatsoever for NYC Mayor Blo0mberg.  One has to wonder if there’s some kind of physical or mental inadequacy that drives him to compensate by minding everybody else’s business.  Still, bans on trans-fats, salt, and big sodas are basically New York’s problem; you voted for the guy, you deal with […]

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And now for a moment of insensitive sarcasm

I keep hearing about bombs being detonated at the Boston Marathon today.  I’m sure it isn’t true, though, because everyone knows that evil, criminal, or mentally ill people are only allowed to use assault weapons with high capacity magazines to kill and terrorize people.

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Obama goes shooting all the time

The Dissident Frogman is at it again.  Here’s his video take on the Obama shooting a shotgun picture. (You may have forgotten, but the Dissident Frogman was the guy that made the classic war correspondent’s guide to bullets a few years back.)

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