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A treatment for Depression and Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Mushrooms.  As in “Magic Mushrooms”.  As in hallucinogenic Mushrooms. Well, actually, psilocybin. About 80 percent of cancer patients showed clinically significant reductions in both psychological disorders, a response sustained some seven months after the single dose. Side effects were minimal. (‘both disorders’ being Depression and Anxiety – cziltang) As one might expect, researchers don’t really […]

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From the Diplomad: …Meanwhile if you want to get ready for the impending arrival of Obamacare, visit your local DMV, but imagine it with the screams of the sick and dying.

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Tasteless and not even original

IF you follow trending topics, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Lena Dunham video comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity (and of course, that you should do it with Obama).  Reaction around the net has been, shall we say, less than positive (except in, of course, leftist circles where it […]

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Link Dump

Maggie’s Notebook has a list of foreign countries receiving billions in Stimulus funds.  (via Doug Ross) As long as we’re talking about Billions, Bruce McQuain at Q and O talks about the $5 billion the IRS sent to identity thieves last year. Tell me Child Protective Services won’t be all over this guy. The Czar […]

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More on Medical issues

I recently emailed Dr.J of the Gormogons a few comments on his comments on my comments on his post about 3rd party payors in health insurance.  Dr.J graciously responded. While I do have more comments/questions that are germane to the original topic, I realize that I have inadvertently strayed perilously close to “ongoing dialog” territory.  […]

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Damn, now I’ve gone and done it

I went and said something someone found worthwhile.  Nothing like accidentally raising the bar. Seriously, I do appreciate the link from Dr. J. at the Gormogons.

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Rational Choices in Healthcare

A week and a half ago, Dr. J at The Gormogons posted something entitled The Problem with Third Party Payors.  I had been meaning to write about the topic for the past couple of months, but never quite got around to it, probably because it is personally embarrassing. Dr. J’s point is pretty succinct: …if […]

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For Rat Jr.

Rat Jr. has been taking a lot of heat on that Face Page thingy from her “friends” about her opposition to Obamacare.  Bruce McQuain has a great post today entitled Health Care is still not a “right,” in which he explains the difference between an inherent right and a government granted priviledge.  So, I thought […]

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Obamacare at its simplest

Smile! (via Doug Ross)

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the 10 grooviest new Obamacare taxes

In graph form, no less!

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