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A: It’s not because of Egypt and Libya

Q: Why are gas prices currently on the rise? I haven’t watched the news in quite some time, but I’m picking up snippets around the web that certain folks are trying to blame the currently rising gas prices on instability in the Middle East. The Gormogons have a very nice post explaining why this is […]

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Quote of the Week

Actually, last week.  In a article taking issue with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek takes issue with Bernanke’s comments on some moves the Chinese have made in their monetary policy.  To wit: Apparently, when Beijing increases the supply of Chinese currency it does so as part of what Prof. Bernanke […]

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Magical Thinking: Coming soon to a Government near you!

OK, that was a stupid title for a post, since magical thinking seems to be a requirement for a government job. I found an interesting article on the likelihood of significant inflation in our near future.  Disclaimer:  Denninger publishes at a website called 321Gold.  There is an obvious bias towards investing in precious metals.  I […]

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The voice of moderation

Sometimes, when I write things about our Dear Leader and our congresscritters, I think, in retrospect, that I may perhaps have been a bit harsh.  Then I run across things like this in today’s Asia Times: The “yikes!” comment at the end is chosen specifically to indicate that the preceding section is “Bad, but I’ve […]

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