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More on Time

Since I spent the day getting drunks and guys who can’t be bothered to get a valid drivers license out of jail, I didn’t get a chance to go visit my dad Sunday.  We spent a couple of hours on the phone tonight, which is unusual because I don’t usually talk to anybody that long […]

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Some days are better than others

I spent yesterday in the northeast part Kansas.  Lots of interesting history in the area, and they have a really interesting cemetery.  I spent several hours there and saw some cool stuff.  I’ve never seen a veterans section in a small town cemetery before.  The one I visited appears to be all Civil War vets:  […]

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Live-blogging from the scene of the crime

So I’m in Topeka, (Kansas)‡ attending training.  I’m staying at a hotel that has a “Manager’s Reception” every evening.  That means you can get 2 free drinks at the bar.  The guy in the room next to me appears to have paid for a few more.  About an hour ago he started yelling “Oh fuck, […]

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Merry Christmas

We, here in the Ratlands, wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.  As a bit of a reminder (for some of my family, although they will probably never see it) that it wasn’t that long ago that a bountiful Christmas dinner was dependent on whether or not any of the family managed to shoot any […]

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Americana, pt. 7

I think it’s part 7;  I’ve actually lost track.  Anyway, tonight’s bit of Americana is a picture of part of my maternal grandmother’s family, circa 1920.  (And before someone gets cute in the comments, my ancestors are the two-legged critters.)  Notice the low carbon footprint lifestyle.

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Been there, done that

It seems like just a couple of years ago we had trouble with our air conditioner.  Of course, they never break down when it’s 80 degrees outside with a cool breeze.  They wait for a day when it’s 107° outside (like today) when I don’t get home til long after the maintenance guys have left […]

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Neal Reunion

Neal, Kansas is a quintessential “wide spot in the road.”  It sits just south of Highway 54 in eastern Greenwood County.  There is, literally, an extra half a lane on the highway for folks to slow down for the turn into Neal.  The streets are gravel, there are perhaps a dozen houses, but no businesses.  […]

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And there’ll rainbows. And cake.

First:  So socialized medicine is a good thing, right?  Because our government can hold down costs and give everyone the treatment they want at the same time, right?  Except we all know the government has never held the costs down on anything and there’s already talk of how to limit the amount of care available. […]

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Now that you mention it…

I haven’t been posting much lately.  The Head Rat’s twin sister has been in the hospital, the Head Rat and I have both been fighting some kind of cold or virus or something, I’ve got a number of pending issues at work, and, if I (for some unfathomable reason) must be honest, I finally succumbed […]

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My apologies to anyone who visited in the last couple of hours.  I’ve been tinkering with the layout and backgrounds.  For a while (after I accidentally erased some of the critical lines in the CSS file) there was nothing but text.  I ended up changing the theme, erasing the old files, downloading new, clean files, […]

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