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Keynesian Economics


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Some people would define this as “irony”

I define it as “criminal.” Apparently the US Government required US Border Agent Brian Terry and his team to use beanbag rounds in the firefight against the criminals in which he was killed.1 The same sort of folks Eric Holder and the Justice Department “allegedly” armed with assault rifles as part of Operation Fast and […]

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the 10 grooviest new Obamacare taxes

In graph form, no less!

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Follow the Money

Addiction in America is set to increase massively in the next year or so.  A new recreational drug epidemic?  No.  They’re just getting ready to change the definition of “addiction” in the new DSM (V, I think).  The new definition makes diagnosing someone as an addict much easier. The DSM (Diagnistic and Statistical Manual of […]

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Follow the money

I meant to post this a while back but got busy with interviews and other things. So why did Obama kill the Keystone pipeline project that everyone (including the notoriously anti-oil EPA) had approved?  Silicon Graybeard suggests that instead of a principled environmental stand (although it certainly made the Greens happy, it’s not likely that […]

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Quote of the Day, parts 1 and 2

Both from an email from The Daily Caller (sorry, no direct link to the email) on what they described as “Obama’s very bold, totally non-binding flip-flop”: As everyone knows by now, President Barack Obama has courageously re-committed to a position he held 16 years ago now that polls show most Americans are also OK with […]

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PQRN and Torrents

SOPA. Crap. ‘Nuff said. Except it isn’t.  Massive outrage gets a temporary victory, but this will be back in another form as soon as the furor dies down a bit.  Meanwhile, Larry Correia has a great rant about SOPA and all the other stuff we’ve let happen.  Go read it.  It’s worth it to get […]

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More from the boys in Lagos

I get lots of spam, both in my email and in the comments here at Ratlands.  Most of it is junk.  Most of the Ratlands comment spam is for various mail-order pharmaceuticals.  And, I get a few of the classic 419 scams (you are promised a commission for helping some person transfer funds out of […]

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I paid the hosting bill for Ratlands over the weekend.  It comes out to about $10 a month.  Not my most expensive hobby, by far.  (And no, I’m not soliciting donations.  This is my own personal addiction.) I’ve been blogging at for 5 years now.  I bought the domain name in June of […]

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In case you hadn’t figured it out by now

There’s a global warming climate conference going on this week in Mexico.  In case you thought it actually had something to do with climate, this, from one of the IPCC bigwigs might be of some interest to you: Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC […]

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