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So that’s what he was doing

Perspective changes things…

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At least I’m not a Brony

If you don’t know what a Brony is, you’re probably better off.  My vices run more in this direction.

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If you have 52 minutes and are into that sort of thing, you should watch the Firefly 10-year reunion panel from ComicCon.

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I would cry for you,

but real men don’t. I was going to save this for an autopost later in the week, but it was just too good not to share.

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Don’t let the facts get in the way

In her discussions with her progressive friends, Rat Jr. called “bullshit” on the business of the “Occupy” folks wearing the Guy Fawkes masks like in V for Vendetta.  She knew they had missed the point of the movie.  I tried to give her some ammunition to use, but as usual, I was less coherent and […]

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No, I haven’t seen it.  But, as a public service, I thought I would post a link to a review by the Czar at the Gormogons.  This is the first movie review I’ve ever seen which discusses dogs, logical positivists, and Brownian motion. Strangely, it wasn’t much help in deciding whether or not to go […]

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Movies you’ll want to see

Dr. Boli previews some movies you’ll want to see.  Among others: Indians & Indians. A Hindu immigrant village in the Old West is menaced by hostile tribes. Meanwhile, half a world away, Native American students at a culinary school in colonial Bombay are menaced by Hindu fundamentalists. Also, for some reason, there are ninjas.

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I need taller trash cans or a shorter dog

And since Kali is a miniature Dachshund… I understand how she can knock over the small trash cans around the house, but the kitchen trash can is much taller.  Of course, it has the best stuff in it.  Personally, I suspect collusion with the cats, but whatever the truth is, it doesn’t really matter, because […]

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Quote of the Day (from yesterday)

From the guys at Hillbuzz: But, we still can’t figure out why Avatar makes so much money.  We thought it was essentially Disney’s Pocahontas, but with Smurf-cats and a planet that had about 6 different kinds of animals on it, all of which were just blue, six legged versions of the animals here.  Like they […]

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Cleaning out the browser

An odd collection of links tonight: First, an article which looks at a number of  “Gansta vs. Cop” shooting issues.  That description isn’t nearly as interesting as the article.  Among other points, contrary to what I believed, “Gangstas” actually get more shots on target than the Cops they are shooting at.  The author speculates that […]

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