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All you need to know about employment in America

is in this Graph.

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I paid the hosting bill for Ratlands over the weekend.  It comes out to about $10 a month.  Not my most expensive hobby, by far.  (And no, I’m not soliciting donations.  This is my own personal addiction.) I’ve been blogging at for 5 years now.  I bought the domain name in June of […]

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Stuff to make you feel old

Like most of us need any help with that.  If you’re like me you get reminded every time you get out of bed.  Still, I guess I might as well add insult to injury, as it were. This little stroll down memory lane is a cold hard bucket of reality dumped over your head.  At […]

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And you can do a lot of stuff in an hour and 11 minutes…

Created by Oatmeal

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The plural of “anecdote”

There’s an absolutely stunning post at The Law Dog Files.  The post is a series of answers to “20 questions” from a gun control advocate (who is apparently a member of the Brady Campaign Board, although that information is not accessible on her web site).  If you are at all interested in your 2nd amendment […]

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Time to clear the browser tabs

Here’s the stuff I’ve been accumulating for the last week, intending to write long, pithy essays about each: You may have heard that the poverty rate has increased lately (obviously, those of us who are employed need pay more taxes so the Government can do something about it, right?)  Actual poverty rate numbers from Carpe […]

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Vacation wrap-up

I’ve been on vacation this past week, although at times it’s been hard to tell.  Mostly it’s been some running around punctuated by periods of near vegetative stupor.  That, and we’ve watched a whole lot of NCIS re-runs. Sunday, the Head Rat and I joined my folks at the Neal Reunion and then visited cemeteries […]

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Cost/Benefit Analysis

tjic on whether or not taking drastic measures to stop global warming (and wreck our economy in the process) are worth it: Here’s the consciousness raising exercise I want each of you to do: when you wake up tomorrow, think to yourself “OM*G – what if it was 1.1 ° warmer? Wouldn’t that be horrible? […]

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The Sunday Night Linkfest

First, a little inspired silliness from Dr. Boli: A letter to the Editor An advertisement for a unique literary service An advertisement for a unique martial arts dojo Second, I was apparently wrong last night about the Obama LSD being deliciously appropriate.  This is deliciously appropriate. Also at Moonbattery, an Economic Stimulus Flow Chart Say […]

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Stream of consciousness linking

There is no consistent thread here, just stuff I found interesting. Q and O has a chart that shows what our tax rates would have to be raised to in order to eliminate the deficit. (That’s just how much more the Feds are currently spending than taking in.  It assumes that nothing stupid like reducing […]

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