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Leave your concealed carry weapon locked in your vehicle for a couple of hours while you attend to business inside a county jail in 8° weather.  When you re-holster your weapon in your Inside the Waist Band concealed carry holster, you quickly learn the Beatles were right when they said “Happiness is a warm gun.”

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I’ve been having some trouble getting anything accomplished the past few days.  For example, this morning I planned to drink heavily all day, but I just never got around to it.

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An alternate wording

AKA: let me fix that for you. I was perusing Facebook a couple of days ago (yes, I know it was a mistake, but sometimes I just can’t help myself) when I noticed one of those slogan/graphic thingys on the wall of one of my left-leaning facebook friends.  It said: “small government” is fascist dog […]

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Well, this is embarrassing.

I”ve been away from Ratlands so long that I forgot the login password. I’ve been busy, but not that busy.  I’ve just been unable to bring myself to write about politics.  Longtime reader, former co-worker, and friend, Larry e-mailed me about 6 weeks ago summarizing his assessment of our (then) current situation.  While I agree […]

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Old Coot Accessories

I mentioned recently that I had an almost irresistible urge to yell at some kids to get off my lawn. This is better.

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More “why didn’t I think of this?”

I have no words for this.

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An added bonus

I picked up a new firearm today.  Details aren’t necessarily important.  I’ve been saving a bit here and there for almost 2 years to be able to do this, and I finally got it.  I know this is kind of perverse, but when I got it home, I noticed there is a sticker on the […]

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Tattoo time

When I was 14, I decided to get my ear pierced after seeing Orson Bean on the Tonight Show.  I got it done when I was 27. When I was in my early 20’s I decided to get a tattoo.  I’ve spent the last 30 years deciding what to get.  I wanted to make sure […]

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Some days…

First thing this morning I called my former employer (yuhgg) to talk to a former co-worker (meh) to get the name of a reputable tattoo artist (cool). Spent most of the rest of the day working on homework for my XHTML class.  Seems the instructor actually wants us to build web pages and stuff. Actually, […]

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More on Time

Since I spent the day getting drunks and guys who can’t be bothered to get a valid drivers license out of jail, I didn’t get a chance to go visit my dad Sunday.  We spent a couple of hours on the phone tonight, which is unusual because I don’t usually talk to anybody that long […]

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