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For Jr.

This link is for Rat Jr.:  Obama to be on Mt. Rushmore.  (via IMAO) I’m sure she has acquaintances for whom it would be appropriate

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Stuff to make you feel old

Like most of us need any help with that.  If you’re like me you get reminded every time you get out of bed.  Still, I guess I might as well add insult to injury, as it were. This little stroll down memory lane is a cold hard bucket of reality dumped over your head.  At […]

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This is your hound…

                            This is your hound on Possum…                           I’ve always liked Bluetick Coonhounds.  If I lived in the country, I’d want to have one, but we don’t.  We live in […]

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Go with what you know

Or perhaps I should say, “Stick with what you know.” I am a big fan of U2 (or at least their early stuff, as I haven’t bought or even heard their last few albums).  Joshua Tree is, in my opinion, one of the greatest records ever made.  It is one of 2 albums I own […]

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Lying liars and their lying pants?

Retailers lying about pants waist sizes? Apparently the practice is called “vanity sizing.” Seriously, if you know you have a 40″+ waist and you try on a pair of Old Navy pants, are you really more likely to buy them if they say they are size 36?

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Saturday storytime

I have a rule about Ratlands.  I don’t give out the name of the site to my co-workers.  It isn’t that there’s anything here that embarrasses me; I’m well aware that nothing on the internet is private and nothing on the internet ever goes away and I operate accordingly.  Although I have an ego as […]

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And now, for something completely different…

I thought that might get your attention

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Fundamental Changes: the world will never be the same

In any life, there are events that change forever one’s perception of the world.  Some are collective events; the Moon landing and Watergate for folks of my generation or more recently 9/11.  Some are personal; a first kiss, meeting the love of your life, the birth of a child.  Unfortunately, at least in my experience, […]

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When Choking someone isn’t a viable option…

Try this. (via SDA)

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Random observations from the Farmer’s Market

I went to the local Farmer’s Market this morning.  I’m not a regular, because I don’t regularly get up before noon on Saturdays, but I go often enough to know where the folks I like doing business with have their tents.  The Farmer’s Market is held in the parking lot around 3 sides of a […]

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