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When Choking someone isn’t a viable option…

Try this. (via SDA)

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Random observations from the Farmer’s Market

I went to the local Farmer’s Market this morning.  I’m not a regular, because I don’t regularly get up before noon on Saturdays, but I go often enough to know where the folks I like doing business with have their tents.  The Farmer’s Market is held in the parking lot around 3 sides of a […]

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A triumph of the Human Will

Well, probably not.  A better title might be: From the “Because I can” file I just finished creating a bootable Ubuntu Linux USB drive.  Now I can take Ubuntu with me wherever I go.  More importantly, I can boot it up on any computer that allows booting from a USB drive.  How many computers do […]

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Good on you, kid!

Rat Jr. was having some problems with her computer a while back.  A friend, who is supposed to know what he was doing, worked on it.  I was a bit annoyed to learn that he had removed a number of the programs I suggested Jr. install because he said they were crap or malware or […]

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What to do…

I’m not much on bumper stickers, but I had a Gadsden Flag sticker in the rear window of my old Ratmobile.  When I got the new Ratmobile last summer, I intended to replace the flag sticker, but somehow never quite got around to it.  I’ve also been considering an NRA sticker. Now, given the apparent […]

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The millennial generation

I had not heard that the children of Baby Boomers are now being called the millennial generation or millennials.  Via Captain Capitalism, I found this article on millennials in the workplace.  Being the model of self-indulgence themselves, the boomers assuaged their guilt by showering their nippers with toys. Cars, clothes, computers, flat screens, iPods, cell […]

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