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Tattoo time

When I was 14, I decided to get my ear pierced after seeing Orson Bean on the Tonight Show.  I got it done when I was 27. When I was in my early 20’s I decided to get a tattoo.  I’ve spent the last 30 years deciding what to get.  I wanted to make sure […]

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Quote of the Day

From a video entitled “Questions you don’t have to ask Tea Partiers” Can you really change the world by blocking traffic?

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If we are to survive…

When talking about the economy, taxes, social programs, etc., most of us talk past each other.  Get past the accusations of bad faith, and you generally find that we don’t understand how the other guy could possibly not see the truth of what we are saying because our basic assumptions about how the world works […]

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More Links

Great photo of a Tea Party sign. Really cool graphic representation of job growth/losses for the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas of the country since 2004. From Dr. Boli, an advertisement for a performance by the Great Blando.  (Any performance for which narcoleptics are “strongly cautioned” has got to be worth a look, right?)

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Weekend Tea Party

The Tea Party in DC turned out to be quite a big deal.  Lots of pictures around the web including these. Best sign I’ve seen so far: The only “ist” I am is Pissed

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I’ve added a new website to my daily RSS feed list.  It’s called Moonbattery.  Two articles of note there today. 1.  an article discussing our Dear Leader’s de facto position of Guns Salesman of the year.  Included in the article is reference to the fact that Americans bought 1.5 Billion rounds of ammunition in December […]

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Tea Party

I wasn’t able to attend the local tea party yesterday.  Rat Jr., however did attend the one in her neck of the woods in Northern Idaho.  She got this picture of  an obviously mass-produced by Fox News sign in the crowd. (thanks to Rat Jr and her friend Kat’s camera)

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