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I’ve been having some trouble getting anything accomplished the past few days.  For example, this morning I planned to drink heavily all day, but I just never got around to it.

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Just can’t help myself

I’ve been plugging along all semester in an online introductory IT class.  Now, it hasn’t been worthless; I’ve been exposed to quite a bit of stuff I didn’t know or was only vaguely familiar with, but the whole experience has been rather frustrating.  Feedback from the instructor has been minimal.  Out of assignments for 23 […]

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A great video about people suffering from FWP.  I’ve included it specifically for Rat Jr.’s associates.  (via IMAO) (by the way, if were being honest and ethical, instead of linking to IMAO every day I would just tell you to go there first and then wander by here later if you have time, but I’m […]

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And I should listen to you because?

One of the classes I’m taking this semester is a sort of general computer course.  I know that’s not terribly descriptive, but it’s hard to describe.  It’s pretty much a hodge-podge of basic information.  In the book we’re using, the current chapter introduces the concept of “find and replace” in text documents.  (Yes, it’s a […]

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Onward (again)

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “Onward” in which I discussed paying the hosting and domain registration bill for Ratlands.  When I sat down to write today I was intent on doing the same thing and actually had “Onward” as the post title.  Strange how my head is in pretty much the […]

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…and then depression set in

I always liked that bit from Stripes.  But then, melodramatic self-narration is near and dear to my heart. So, the reality of being unemployed is starting to sink in a bit.  If there is an up side, I guess it would be that in the process of checking with folks to make sure I can […]

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PQRN and Torrents

SOPA. Crap. ‘Nuff said. Except it isn’t.  Massive outrage gets a temporary victory, but this will be back in another form as soon as the furor dies down a bit.  Meanwhile, Larry Correia has a great rant about SOPA and all the other stuff we’ve let happen.  Go read it.  It’s worth it to get […]

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More reminders

First off, I don’t know what 52 is supposed to feel like.  I don’t feel settled and mature.  I don’t feel like my life (objectively speaking) is probably more than half over.  That said, I seem to be getting a series of reminders that I’m no longer young. A few weeks ago it was attending […]

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Cut back on Union jobs? We’ll show you…

Apparently, according to the NY Post, the bad job New York City (union) sanitation workers did clearing the streets after the recent blizzard and the ridiculous amount of time it took them to do it were deliberate. “They sent a message to the rest of the city that these particular labor issues are more important,” […]

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Wow. Just wow.

Hillbuzz interprets the seizure of torrent link and counterfeit goods website domains in the past couple of days by Homeland Security and ICE as a precursor to the Obama Administration shutting down websites they don’t like. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but you have to ask the following questions:  1) just exactly how […]

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