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Perhaps I’ve been on the Road too much of late

That thought occurred to me a few days ago when I stopped at a truck stop in Pratt, Kansas for a bathroom break only to find that someone was occupying my favorite stall in my favorite truck stop bathroom. I’m not sure what to do with the realization that I have a favorite truck stop […]

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Mike Rowe on Work

This has to be one of the most fascinating videos I’ve ever seen.  Mike Rowe (the Dirty Jobs guy) talks about work and our perceptions of work.

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When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, v4 (I think)

Long time readers of Ratlands may have noticed that as I’ve gotten further away from my last job and my health has improved, I have begun defining myself as a “former corrections professional.”  Maybe not in so many words, but the intent was there.  I realized that I didn’t miss it and eventually decided I […]

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Every day, in every way, we’re getting better and better

And we know this because the impending sense of doom is only intolerable today, instead of completely unbearable.  Because the idea of putting one foot in front of the other in a connected effort to slog through the day brings only a grimace and a groan instead of random bouts of uncontrollable weeping and hysterical […]

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Oh, by the way

Just in case anyone from the IT department at my work has figured out who I am and is checking Ratlands for incorrect thoughts or other improprieties, I can save you the trouble of searching the logs on my office computer.  All these midday posts are written and scheduled for automatic publication in advance. I’ve […]

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I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while because it’s important.  Next time you create a password for an account, keep this advice in mind. I have been doing this for a while, as a guy I really respect in our IT department told me about it several months ago.  Using a phrase […]

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Some things are just wrong

And then there’s people like me… Today I was talking with one of my co-workers.  She was telling me that she had just gotten word that one of her clients in a residential placement had just gotten in trouble.  The story, as it was told to her: The client threw something at a staff member […]

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In which Cziltang gets what he asked for and an opportunity to pretend to be a normal person

I had intended to pick up regular posting a few weeks ago, but I’ve been trying to get my head around some impending changes here in the Ratlands.  I’ve been trying to decide what to say, and have been having a hell of time, partly because I’m not sure exactly what I think, and partly […]

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Cut back on Union jobs? We’ll show you…

Apparently, according to the NY Post, the bad job New York City (union) sanitation workers did clearing the streets after the recent blizzard and the ridiculous amount of time it took them to do it were deliberate. “They sent a message to the rest of the city that these particular labor issues are more important,” […]

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Usul no longer needs the weirding module…

Not a particularly relevant quote I guess. The tech guys in my organization have fixed it so I can have access to my work files from home via the intarwebs. The good news is that I can work at home without copying stuff to a USB drive and bringing it home with me. The bad […]

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