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Helpful Household Hints

Not from Heloise, for those of you old enough to remember: Dr. Boli consistently cracks me up.  (“The Johnston Domestic Explosives Corp.”? Priceless.)    

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This just about sums it up, I’d say.

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Tattoo time

When I was 14, I decided to get my ear pierced after seeing Orson Bean on the Tonight Show.  I got it done when I was 27. When I was in my early 20’s I decided to get a tattoo.  I’ve spent the last 30 years deciding what to get.  I wanted to make sure […]

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Video of the Day

I’m not sure exactly what the point of this video is, but if I ever need ice cubes in glasses I know who to call.

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Really? A victim of gun violence?

I pretty much have no use whatsoever for NYC Mayor Blo0mberg.  One has to wonder if there’s some kind of physical or mental inadequacy that drives him to compensate by minding everybody else’s business.  Still, bans on trans-fats, salt, and big sodas are basically New York’s problem; you voted for the guy, you deal with […]

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Speaking of Badasses

OK, I wasn’t, but I should be.  Bet you didn’t know Christopher Lee was a symphonic metal rocker.

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Things one probably shouldn’t aspire to

I first saw this on a high school buddy’s facebook page.  Although, knowing him, he very well may have been.

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The Law of Inverse Time Availability

You need cash.  You’re in no hurry.  You pull up to the ATM.  Not a car in sight.  In and out. 30 seconds, tops. You’re on your lunch hour.  You really need to get back to work.  You decide to grab some cash and a quick bite.  The Law of Inverse Time Availability dictates that […]

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And now for a moment of insensitive sarcasm

I keep hearing about bombs being detonated at the Boston Marathon today.  I’m sure it isn’t true, though, because everyone knows that evil, criminal, or mentally ill people are only allowed to use assault weapons with high capacity magazines to kill and terrorize people.

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So that’s what he was doing

Perspective changes things…

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