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Drugs are Like Shoes…

“Drugs are like shoes: everybody needs them, but they don’t always fit.” I have no idea what that means.‡ The Head Rat has me watching Sense8 on Netflix.  Not one of my favorites (although, I have to admit it’s better when you see the first episode).  The quote is from the show.  I only mention […]

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A more appropriate response

            I didn’t give this the attention it deserved last night.  As the original post is disappearing “below the fold” so to speak, here’s a link.


Auto complete

We’re studying search engines in one of my classes.  One of the exercises is to compare the “suggested search” features.  The text gave us several examples.  On a whim I used one of my own. Interesting.  If you buy into the “Google is politically biased” argument, it would appear that even they are having trouble […]

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Damn, now I’ve gone and done it

I went and said something someone found worthwhile.  Nothing like accidentally raising the bar. Seriously, I do appreciate the link from Dr. J. at the Gormogons.

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Onward (again)

Exactly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “Onward” in which I discussed paying the hosting and domain registration bill for Ratlands.  When I sat down to write today I was intent on doing the same thing and actually had “Onward” as the post title.  Strange how my head is in pretty much the […]

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The Rules, part 1

I’ve been working on a set of rules.  Rules to live by, rules about how the world works, that sort of thing.  I’m probably guilty of stealing the idea from NCIS.  The thing is, that when I start thinking about reducing what I know and believe about the world to simple statements, it breaks into […]

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I never should have sat back down at the computer.

Regulars here in the Ratlands know that I don’t sleep much.  It isn’t that I’m not tired or that I don’t need sleep, it’s just that I don’t.  Rather than lay awake at night and watch TV, or look at the ceiling, or (worst of all) watch the numbers change on the digital clock, if […]

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Back to business

I finally got Windows 7 purchased and installed this afternoon.  Now I’m in the process of re-installing every piece of software that I use regularly.  The firewall and anti-virus weren’t too bad, but I had a hell of a time with Quicken.  I don’t really have time for it, but I’m so tired of the […]

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Anniversary is 4 years old today.  I only know that because I had to pay the hosting and domain registration bill today.  I seriously considered abandoning Ratlands; I haven’t been writing much lately and haven’t cranked out an essay in months.  But, at roughly $10 a month, Ratlands is one of my less expensive vices, […]

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What passes for an update

Sometimes I’m just too tired to write.  It seems like I’ve been at that point for weeks.  So, you get 3 unrelated bits tonight. WordPress does a pretty good job of intercepting the comment spam that people try to dump on websites.  But, I still have to get in and delete it en masse.  For […]

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