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Password Security

I have linked information on password security before.  Can’t ever do it enough.  Borepatch has a great post on password security, including an idea for creating strong passwords that are pretty easy to remember. The only thing I might add is that longer is better.


Spying through your browser

“Any computer running the Chrome browser can be subverted to eavesdrop on conversations happening around it” (Via SDA)

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Windows 8 Demo Video

Watch it before Microsoft has it removed from YouTube…

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Review of Windows 8

This is going to be a stream of consciousness review of Windows 8. I’d like to think it’s in the mold of Kerouac or Thompson but frankly, it’s probably just that I’m too lazy to say “period” after each sentence while I’m dictating to my speech recognition software. I installed Windows 8 on the Head […]

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In which cziltang gets backed into a corner

I’ve been busy lately trying to keep up with school, work, family stuff and other assorted issues.  Being, as the phrase goes, “unencumbered by the confines of regular employment” has its advantages.  I usually only work on weekends, I’ve gotten enough installation jobs in the last month to pay the rent and some of the […]

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Dr. Boli explains the Internet

I’m pretty sure this is really the way it works.

Oh, by the way

Just in case anyone from the IT department at my work has figured out who I am and is checking Ratlands for incorrect thoughts or other improprieties, I can save you the trouble of searching the logs on my office computer.  All these midday posts are written and scheduled for automatic publication in advance. I’ve […]

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I’ve been meaning to get to this for a while because it’s important.  Next time you create a password for an account, keep this advice in mind. I have been doing this for a while, as a guy I really respect in our IT department told me about it several months ago.  Using a phrase […]

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That much closer to Marvin

Or maybe not.  Douglas Adams had a character in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Marvin, an incredibly intelligent robot who was, for lack of a better term, terminally depressed. University of Texas researchers have now created a computer with schizophrenia. One small step for man, one giant leap for robot therapists. (via GeekPress)

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Free software

Here’s an article that lists 101 free software alternatives to the commercial software a lot of us use.


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