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Not that it really matters, but I always wanted to be rich enough that my few odd quirks would be considered eccentricities. I’m not that rich and am not likely to be, so that makes me pretty much just an ordinary guy. I was born in Russell, Kansas when Bob Dole was still just the County Attorney and grew up in a small town in Kansas.

I’m in my 50-ish and still live in Kansas. I’m married and have a daughter who has been in and out of college and is now trying to make her own way in the world.  She is also a better fiction writer than me.

By education, I’m a sociologist with a minor in psychology. Fresh out of High School my intent was to be a wildlife biologist. By the time it was all said and done I ended up 5 hours short of a minor in Chemistry. I also spent one semester at the school which then served as a seminary for the protestant church I grew up in, with the intent of becoming an ordained minister.

By vocation, I’m a probation officer and have worked in corrections for nearly 30 years. I’m now a supervisor and I also supervised a substance abuse treatment program for more than 10 years. For a variety of reasons, most of which are related to my employment, I’m not specific about where I live and work.

I used to be a flaming liberal, at least compared to most folks here in Kansas.  About the same time I started Ratlands I made a hard turn to the right, but managed to miss the road, so to speak.  Instead of ending up in the Conservative camp, I bounced around (figuratively speaking) and have found myself vaguely identifying myself as a Libertarian.  I am firmly convinced that both the Republicans and Democrats are wrong about the things they each respectively want to regulate, and I can’t decide whether I’m sad, angry or just amused that you can sue a restaurant if you get fat eating their food.

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