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A collection of essays on a variety of topics. (After all this time, these are the ones I’m still at least marginally pleased with.)
Why I support the War in Iraq
(originally written around March 6, 2003)
On Substance Abuse Treatment
(May 5, 2003. Actually it is more about substance abuse treatment in corrections)
Victim Culture and Personal Responsibility
(early August 2003)
Culturally Disadvantaged
(Feb. 2004. Superbowl Shenanigans and protecting us from ourselves)
Butter Police
(Feb. 2004. On legislative busybodies who want me to be a better person)
Of Cigarette Trees and Alcohol Streams
(April 2004. Politically Incorrect lyrics, the V-chip, and parenting)
Ode to Bob
(April 2004. On mental illness, why what we are doing sucks, and how that affects the mentally ill in corrections)

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